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3 reasons to pay yourself first

Do you have too much month and not enough money? That is a very scary and stressful feeling. Been there and done that, and heard many stories of people in the same boat. Depending on which statistics you look at, rumour has it that most people in North America are 3 to 4 paycheques away…

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Garage Sale Updates:

Update #1 Remember the 15 puzzles I told you about? Well, embarrassing as this is, while I was going through the puzzles, carefully wedged in between two of the larger puzzles was my eldest son’s high school graduation photo. It has been missing for 5 years! I never told him that it was missing, because…

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A Garage Sale Is In My Future

Last week, my dear Austrian friend asked me if I would help her with a garage sale before she moves back to Austria this summer. (You can be sure there is a blog post in that situation, for sure!) The reality is that sometime in the next few years we will also be moving, so…

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