Lighting A Candle Update:

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to call my dear friend in Canada. It was because of her situation many years ago that we started the candle lighting tribute. She and her family have gone through more than most of us can even begin to fathom. You know when you are talking to someone and you have that ‘funny feeling’ that something isn’t quite right? Well, I started the phone call with her husband, and I thought something was ‘off’, so he put my friend on the phone, and she took a big breath. The next thing I said was ‘wait a minute, I need to light a candle for you’. She gave a small laugh, and said that was exactly what she needed to hear. She then proceeded to tell me the latest development in their family.

The details of the story that followed reconfirmed that although lighting a candle is a small action, it can provide a tiny sense of comfort, for friends and family near and far.

After hearing her story, I am going to restock my candle supply. I know that there will be many more phone calls and many candles lit.

In your life, who needs to know that you have lit a candle for them?

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