Blogging, the adventure begins!

I recently received notification that two of my websites were going to expire. The most surprising thing for me was that I had two websites. I thought I only had one. No need for you to go looking for either of them, because they never went ‘live’ on the Internet. They stayed in the darkened hallows of the “never going to press the ‘go live’ button”.

They weren’t bad websites, but I was too scared to put them online, because it just felt like I was revealing too much of myself. Really? You ask. What kind of websites were they? How intriguing. Well, not really. One was for online English Language tutoring, and the other was a ‘Survival After the Kids Leave Home’ blog. I checked on the tutoring site from time to time, completely forgot about the survival blog, and then a funny thing happened, life.

I got distracted doing a lot of other things. I had some great trips, I started some new quilts, I went for lots of walks on the beach. I couldn’t figure out how to use some of the plugins on my websites. I got distracted. I wasn’t sure about earning money while living overseas. I thought my account was hacked. I got distracted. Then I had a zillion other doubts float through my mind of all the reasons that I couldn’t really blog. Then, truth be told, I ended up paying for the blogs for a second year, because I forgot to cancel my contract, so everything renewed automatically. That was embarrassing.

So, still enamored with the thought of blogging, I created yet another website, watched all the tutorials, read pages and pages of Pinterest postings, and then I chickened out again. I just about had a heart attack when I somehow pushed the wrong button and discovered that I had taken my blog ‘live’. It took some frantic figuring to remember that I had disabled a number of widgets, including the ‘site is offline’ notification. Fortunately, no one saw my blog for the brief time it was posted. That is when I began to realise that I needed some help.

Oh, I should mention, that on top of everything else, I managed to lock myself out of my own Web account. Embarrassing, but true. That took a lot of talking with my web host. Thank goodness there are nice patient people on the other end of the help line.

For some people, I think it must be really easy to do all the set up and maintenance of a blog, but I finally had to admit that I needed someone to hold my hand.

Excuse me while I give you some ‘backstory’. Last year, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with 2 women that I lived with 30 odd years ago, while I was an exchange student in South Africa. We had a family reunion of sorts, as I had lived with their family for three months in the early 1980s. Anyhow, one of the sisters now has a son in law who does computer and blog magic.

I know that when I met him last February, he wasn’t doing the work that he does now, but then I heard that he started a business helping slightly confused beginner bloggers get going with their websites.

After starting this blog and leaving it ‘offline’ for 6 months, I decided to hire him to help me get going. We have been working together for exactly 4 days. I did get him to revamp my blog, I upgraded to a fancier package, and then magically, he took everything I had written, all three posts, and he tidied it all up. I even got a favicon! Whoop!

Then the ‘magic’ happened. The magic was the message I just received in an email. He told me to write. How did he know that I needed a swift kick to get writing?? It was pretty clear that I like the thought of having a blog, finding readers, and touching the world, but a blog with no content is just a bunch of pretty pictures. I must say, I do like the pictures he picked for my blog, but that doesn’t over-ride the need for content!

So, now the hard work starts. I commend you if you have had the courage to take your blog online without someone holding your hand. You are braver than I am. I am sure that my guy, Warren, who works magic can attach a link so you can contact him if you like. He’s such a ‘nice young man’, and oh-so-patient with slightly dazed, terrified and confused bloggers.

Now blogging isn’t nearly so scary. I look forward to moving forward and actually putting this blog online. What a concept!

I hope you will enjoy this blogging journey with me.

Till next week,


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