About Laurie


Like many of you, I am a mid life mom, sister, friend, aunty, wife and want-to-be crafter. The number of hats I wear during any given day varies as I begin to sort out how to embrace this stage, and enjoy these incredible years.

My goal with this blog is to encourage women staring down mid life to thrive during this time, celebrate the changes that are happening all around us, and to figure out the steps we need to take to ensure we are taking good care of ourselves both emotionally and physically.

I started this blog because these are all issues I am sorting through. I am currently living with my husband in Dubai, but over the past 8 years, all three of our children have moved back to Canada to pursue their own goals. That has left us with one very empty nest, which for better or for worse, is our reality.

After having worked at a variety of jobs over the years, I finally quit my job two years ago to do some traveling with my husband, as his job keeps him on the road for a great deal of time every month. What I have learned from all the traveling that I have done with him is that I need to set up my own life and my own routines, so that I have a sense of balance in my life.

Another reason I started this blog is that I really didn’t know much about mid life, even though I seem to be in the thick of it right now. There are a lot of basic health issues that have arisen and I thought that by sharing some of the things I have learned, that maybe I could help someone else through this stage.

I also thought I would like to share some of the things I have learned thus far in my life. I believe that it’s our common experiences that help to form bonds of friendship as we learn to treat each other with compassion and consideration. Perhaps some of my stories will resonate with you or someone you know.

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Thanks for visiting and checking it out.

I hope you will come back again!